Live Auto Roulette: One Robot Remains

Live Auto Roulette, for the people who don’t like humans.

If you do like humans.. go here


People are different and while some want an engaging Live dealer to interact with, others simply want the wheel to spin so they can bet. Smart Live Casino offers multiple Live dealer wheels and and multiple Live Auto Dealer wheels. We like to keep everyone happy.

So why do people opt for compressed air over a beautiful person?

Bet faster without the fuss, 24/7.

Our Auto Roulette wheels are the same wheels you’d find in a real casino, but run using compressed air. This means we can offer the real wheel experience non-stop, 24/7.

We have a range of wheels that operate 24/7 allowing us to offer the full range of chip limits giving complete choice to players. Two of the most popular include the Classic Brown wheel (£1- £10,000) and the Low Auto Roulette Black wheel (£0.1- £5,000).

We are keeping this robot alive because some players want there online gaming without the thrills. They want faster game play with 45 sec betting time with the ball visible at all times to reassure players of the wheel’s integrity. They want Live auto Roulette, streamed in TV quality to desktops, tablets or smartphones available 24/7.

And everybody loves a bit of compressed air.
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