Dress For a Casino

Venturing into the flashing lights and euphoria of land-based casinos can be somewhat daunting – especially for the novices. There are many things one considers; from picking a suitable casino table, to finding which countries Ms. World you’ll attempt to bring back to your bachelor pad.

James Bond Casino

Consequently, ones attire might be overlooked. Some gamblers may have jaded suppositions regarding what to wear. Some conceive of James Bond look-a-likes drinking shaken martinis, strolling around in Savile Row suits whilst playing Live Roulette with Russian saboteurs. Others think of middle-aged men sporting track shorts and over-sized football jerseys – making efficient use of the free bar.

Casual Wear

Although a bit exaggerated – it stands exaggeratedly correct. Since the advent of 24 hour gambling, casinos have been more inclined to give people the experience of their casino, for the public to arrive in casual wear; play on a few slots and take a few photos. So wearing a Givenchy tuxedo isn’t exactly appropriate. I would suggest wearing some chinos, a casual shirt with a navy blazer and some loafers – think smart-casual – just make sure you don’t wear anything that looks funnier than you are.

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Smart Wear

When it gets darker – the red tape comes out – and so do the high rollers. Gamblers should make sure they are appropriately attired. Dress codes change from casino to casino but universally it’s smart casual. I would suggest a well-fitted suit – a two-button single breasted number. Pair this off with a white shirt, matching tie and polished shoes. This will allow you to look the part, and hopefully play the part.

Remember to feel comfortable in what you wear – if you’re in your element when wearing a chicken and egg suit then it’s probably best to play in a Live Casino from home. Good luck!

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